Career Networking and Training Event for International Women Scientists

Charité International Cooperation and the equal opportunity officer of the Charité and Berlin Institute of Health invite international female postdocs working at BIH, Charité and MDC to join our networking + training event. The event will give you the opportunity to get to know other international women in science, learn more about scientific career options in Germany and plan your own career. During the two days we want to focus on scientific careers in Germany and provide you with information and insider knowledge.
- How do I become a professor in Germany?
- What other career options are available in science?
- What about visa, childcare, a job for my partner?
- Where do I stand and what are my options?
The first day is dedicated to networking and getting a lot of information about scientific career options in Germany and in Berlin. On the second day, you can take part in a career planning workshop “Career development for academics”.

9./10.3.2020 in Berlin, Berlin Institute of Health ih/career-networking-event/